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A Modern Toolset for Content & SEO Teams

A toolset for content teams to scale their content channels faster and drive more traffic from organic search. Sign-up for our private beta wait list to access our four toolsets, Optimize, AutoDetect, Internals, and Content Planner!


Empowering the Next-Generation of Companies

Product Features

  • Optimize new and existing content with intelligent recommendations.
  • Build the perfect article with data-driven analysis. 
  • Improve term frequency, optimize for related keywords, and suggestions for sentiment, readability, word count, and more.
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Content Analytics
  • Granular heat mapping to uncover problematic paragraphs or sections of a page where users are leaving. Individual paragraph scoring.
  • Score pages based on user experience metrics like scroll depth, bounce rate, and time on the page. Flag pages with underperforming metrics.
  • Recommendations for CTA placement and conversion rate optimization.

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  • Find highly contextual missing internal links in existing and new content. 
  • Internal link suggestions across your entire website, exportable via CSV.
  • Prompts to add internal links in-context in new content before publishing.
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  • Flag AI-generated content at an article and sentence level.
  • Re-work AI-generated content to improve originality and human scoring.
  • To be upfront: Our toolset is certainly not 100% accurate, although we are constantly improving. False positives and false negatives will regularly occur.
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Content Planner
  • Quickly plan topic clusters with keyword generation and thoughtful outlines.
  • Analyze keyword data, including search volume, difficulty, and related keywords.
  • Generate suggested titles, outlines, and meta descriptions for each keyword.
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Keyword Clustering
  • Quickly cluster or group a current list of keywords based on SERP data.
  • Batch search from a seed keyword to build a new cluster or list of keywords.
  • Helpful for managing large volumes of keywords and for generating new ideas.
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Our Blog

At Positional, our blog goes in-depth on all things content marketing and SEO, including technical SEO, link-building, and more. In addition, our team of experts provides regular commentary on the changing SEO landscape and tips for content marketing professionals looking to get ahead.

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Sign-up for our private beta wait list for access to our first four toolsets: Optimize, AutoDetect, Internals, and Content Planner.


Miri Rader
Head of Growth

I just tested the Optimize tool, and I love it! We are working to optimize and update what we already have on the blog. Lots of room for improvement in our current articles. This will be really helpful for us going forward as we look to improve our search rankings.