Content Analytics

Clear and Actionable Insights to Improve User Experience Metrics

Cut through the noise with in-depth page scoring and granular heat mapping. Rework problematic paragraphs, and surgically place CTAs for improved conversion.


Know exactly which pages to improve and where to make those improvements.

  • Granular heat mapping to uncover problematic paragraphs or sections of a page where users are leaving. Individual paragraph scoring.
  • Score pages based on user experience metrics like scroll depth, bounce rate, and time on the page. Flag pages with underperforming metrics.
  • Recommendations for CTA placement and conversion rate optimization.
  • Segment and filter by date range or time period.
  • Easy install with a lightweight script added to your website.

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Miri Rader
Head of Growth

I just tested the Optimize tool, and I love it! We are working to optimize and update what we already have on the blog. Lots of room for improvement in our current articles. This will be really helpful for us going forward as we look to improve our search rankings.